Friday, February 10, 2012

Breakfast is served... in the back?!?

Ok, there are several ways I could approach this subject but it's 2012 and I can't hold my peace any longer.
I enjoy dining out and one of my favorite meals to "chat and chew" over is breakfast/brunch. It's almost become a tradition for me on Sunday's whether dining alone or with friend(s), to get something covered in syrup after church. There's no better time to catch up with old friends than over the most important meal of the day. All bets are off and even the pickiest eater can find something they like over breakfast. It's not too expensive and a good, gregarious guffaw blends in with short order cook yelling and the clamor of plates without shame. The mood is always light, no tension even amongst the most awkward of dining partners. There seems to be no judgement during breakfast except for the hostess with my seating assignment during the month of February!!!
I have gone out to breakfast 3 times this week and during my most recent visit to a local family eatery for breakfast I noticed I was sat in the back of the restaurant. I mean the back... like next to the kitchen and opposite the fire exit. But I didn't say anything...
Then my mind went back to the other day when my parents, my brother and I went to brunch and once again we beasted on breakfast platters next to an exit door in the back of the restaurant...
Then I had another memory of last Sunday when my sister and I were enjoying chicken and waffles and such at my favorite hometown restaurant and we were up top, but you guess it...2 booths from the exit door in the back!
Even last weekend when I went out with my home girl (although it was for dinner) we were still in the back...

And then I remembered back in 2009, not too long after President Obama's inauguration some friends and I decided to spend Valentine's weekend in the mountains of a state that will remain nameless (cause it's all in the south!) and our trip planner extraordinaire found a quaint (but popular for tourist) breakfast spot for us to meet and begin our day. Granted we had a large party (more than 6) so initially when they sat us in the VERY BACK (and I mean the LAST tables) it didn't seem odd. Until we noticed that as the time progressed the only other patrons they were sitting in this area all looked like "us". But the coup de grace was when the last two people in our party arrived (because we had traveled from different places, thus arriving at different times) and before they could tell the hostess they were meeting a party the hostess said... (wait for it)... "They're in the back" *blank stare* Ummm how did you know they didn't want a table for 2 or maybe they were meeting some Caucasian friends, but I took it as no matter who they were looking for everyone black is in the back!!! Now granted at that point in time I was still so high on my president being black I took it in stride, not to mention the food was phenomenal. (Side note: Uhhhh can I get apple muffins shipped to me?)

Here's what is bothering me the most right now conscious. After I got home from my most recent breakfast outing I began to think "When you saw the hostess passing all those empty table and booths in the front why didn't you say anything?" Why didn't I ask for a different table if I felt so strongly. I mean I from the birthplace of the Sit-Ins right around the corner.  Did I not want to seem difficult or create a ruckus?
But could the truth be my love for breakfast foods subconsciously blinds my eyes to bigotry, especially when I haven't had coffee yet!!!!
I mean it could be a coincidence or maybe I'm just being overly sensitive during Black History Month :-/

Ehh well... We still in the struggle, pass the syrup...Fight the power!

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