Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Power of Polar Opposite Prayers

Well America we survived another NFL football season which culminated in the SUPERBOWL this past Sunday. Congratulations to the New York Football Giants!!! And boo-hoo to the New England Patriots.
 But this got me to thinking... all during this NFL season fans and non-fans have been fascinated with "Tebowing", a posture kneeling down in prayer made popular by Denver Bronco quarterback Tim Tebow on the sidelines.We watched Tebow and his team triumphantly pray their way through some seemingly impossible last minute plays, but in the end they still didn't make it to the big game.
Even the week before the Super Bowl despite Gisele's plea for prayers for Tom Brady, she still ended up in a cuss rant after their loss. (God knew your heart Gissy!) I mean surely fans on both sides were "praying" there team would win, but somebody had to lose ( But for the record I was rooting for the Giants though... just sayin')
This got me to thinking... just because we're not always seen in the "Tebowing" prayer posture, there could always be someone praying a prayer polar opposite from some one else's and some one's prayer isn't going to be answered in their favor. Think about it...
When you're looking for a job, someone else is looking and praying too.
Ladies, you're praying "Lord let him ask me on a date" and He's praying "Lord please get her out of my face!" (a little seasonal humor... Haaaa!)
Even in my current situation I know there are some people praying prayers that would seemingly cancel each other out. I have friends and family who are on both sides of the fence about me going back to Atlanta or staying here in NC. My 12yr old nephew literally starting praising God after I finally told him ( I had been here 2 weeks) I wasn't going back to Atlanta, but when I told him I wanted to go back he then began to suggest I should find someone here to marry so I won't have to go back. (ok... I wasn't totally mad at that suggestion) I'm certain other family members and friends feel this way, but at the same token I am touched at the calls and messages I get from my friends in Atlanta expressing how much they miss me and hope I can come back soon. (I miss them terribly too!) Then I have friends and family who are supportive no matter what move I plan on making next... My 6 yr old niece just hugged me and said " I don't care. I'm just glad you're here now" (awww)
Being in the middle of all this I changed my prayer to "God lead me so that I may be in your will." Now am I saying I have forgotten about my desire to go back to the "big city" that I called home for 9yrs or suggesting I don't want people to pray for me to stay here? Certainly not!!! (yeah ummm don't stop praying and believing, Pray without ceasing and such, Send up timber, those of you that know the works of prayer, please pray for me and any other cliche that can be inserted here!!!)
But what I am saying is that God knows best and which ever way He answers the bi-polar prayers of the people I simply want to be in his will... here, there or somewhere!!! Me and anyone else will get over any disappointment is the prayer isn't answered in our favor, once we realize that God surely has a better plan than we could've ever thought of, so just accept what God allows!

"Thy will be done..."---yep that's my prayer.
Go with God y'all!
Nilly B!

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  1. Tennille! You are always on time with your prophetic word :) I appreciate it. I didn't realize you were in NC. WE MUST hang out soon, before the good Lord answers both of our prayers and relocates us. I know you know this, but just continue to stand on it, our Daddy loves us and HIS good, pleasing and perfect WILL will be done in the lives of those who LOVE Him. Love ya! Tasha P.