Monday, June 11, 2012

Bite me!?!

Once again I must give my commentary on something that has been in the news recently and has the people all a buzz... the zombie attacks!

Like most of us who have heard about these face bitings, flinging of one's own intestines and other odd issues of the flesh, my first thought was "You know the media will make a big deal out of anything", then I thought... "But hype or no hype, that's crazy!!!" As the stories continued to surface from various places I then thought "Oooh Jesus! That's an end time mess!"
But then it hit me... I saw all these post about the excitement surrounding the new season of True Blood, and a preview for the Abraham Lincoln as vampire slayer movie, and there's a new commercial for featuring the Twilight guys. One of the biggest fads in pop culture today is the vicarious lifestyle of vampires and other people biting people. Now I can't say I'm totally familiar with this sect of fiction and film. The last vampire movies I saw were "Vampire in Brooklyn" and "Dracula: Dead and Loving it!" (both of which are your sho'nuff laugh!!!). I've never read or seen anything Twilight related, can barely tell you what channel True Blood comes on, and Vampire Diaries films in the metro ATL area, otherwise I would be clueless to that series too.
So with all this seemingly sexy neck biting being glorified in mainstream fiction, film and tv, why are we so appalled that people are biting people???
They are linking this "zombie apocalypse" to the possible abuse of "bath salts" (which has me scratching my head in confusion all by itself!), but clearly we should know by now after watching all these reality shows on cable which broadcast the "weird" lives and habits of people for all the world to see, that there are quite a few people in the world, and certainly in our very own country who simply aren't wrapped tight, yet they are perfectly ok with their warped sense of normalcy. If these people were willing to get high on bath salts, then of course taking their vampire or other sci-fi fantasy from the inside of their head and acting it out in reality felt right to them at the time.
Everybody has that little bit of crazy when it comes to things they enjoy... I mean who am I to talk. I have to have tissue and almost need ushers when I go to romantic-comedies because in the back of my mind I'm screaming "WHY HASN'T THIS HAPPENED FOR ME YET???" (I'm just serious!!!)
Hopefully the next pop-culture sweep will involve nerd intellect bio-genetic engineering for incurable disease or economic strategic planning. That way when someone brings their obsession from their mind into reality it will seem less creepy and create a solution to some of the real problems we have in this country.
Anywho... zombies or no zombies, like the old folk say "It's a praying time!!!"

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