Monday, October 15, 2012

The Secret is out, but bruh... I ain't mad at'cha!

 If you don't know by now I thoroughly enjoy watching "reality" tv. One of my new reality guilty pleasures is Secret Princes on TLC. The concept of the show is like the classic Eddie Murphy comedy "Coming to America". They have found 4 bachelors of real royal blood (princes or lords) from other countries and dropped them in the middle of Atlanta,GA (they actually live in Midtown), renting a house (without servants) and working "regular" jobs (dog walkers, bus boys, cater waiters) and hitting the dating scene with their true identities hidden with hopes of finding a wife to take home to the royal family. The premise is rather entertaining. To see these bachelors who are used to being waited on hand and foot fumble around the city trying to act "normal" and having to take care of their chores at home (they didn't have a clue as to how to do laundry) is quite comical.
They've gone to various bars around town, speed dating events, dated co-workers and thrown a house party in an effort to meet some nice southern ladies to start a relationship but still keeping the royal titles a secret. But here is where I have a problem...
Since the premiere of the show the looming question leading up to the finale has been will the ladies they start seriously dating turn them down once they reveal their true identities because the guys haven't been totally honest with them....
Let me make sure I have this straight. A girl meets a seemingly average guy. They go out a few times. He treats her nice. She genuinely likes him thus far. After a few weeks she discovers he's not a cater waiter or dog walker, instead he's a PRINCE. As in royalty...crowns, titles, castles, governing body, folks bowing and curtsying. And because of this "lie" of omission and "technical" dishonesty she gets mad and says the relationship is over. THAT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN! NO WAY! NO HOW!
This is the good ol' US of A. We don't have royalty here so being a princess is what most little girls dream of. We love to dress up in crowns and poofy dresses. Then we get older and we run for prom queen or homecoming court or winter princess. That's why "Toddler and Tiaras" is such a hit... girls wanna be princess and those princesses wanna grow up to be queens. Ask any bridal consultant what most brides to be say they want to look and feel like on their wedding day and they'll tell you: A PRINCESS!  I don't know of a woman in her right mind who would be so overcome by her moral stance as to break up with a nice guy because she found out he was an actual PRINCE, thus making her a potential princess. If she does she's a fool inside of a fool with the multiple personality of a dingbat and a nincompoop imbecile.
I can't even imagine how that conversation would go:

Prince: I haven't been totally honest with you about who I was... My full name and title is "John Doe, Prince of Country XYZ"
Girlfriend: SAY WHAT?!? I can't believe you've been lying to me all this time. I can't trust you! You told me you were a waiter and you were really a prince. You totally decieved me and down played your wonderful life! HOW COULD YOU?!? I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!

See how ridiculous that sounds.

I'm not saying lying is right, but if you are going to omit some truth about yourself I am a lot more forgiving of someone who lies to tear them self down, than lies to build them self up. Don't lie and say you're a rookie pro-athlete but the reality is you just got appointed captain of your AAU team. Or you just got back from a business trip and your mama was house sitting for you but you really just got out of jail and still live in your mama's basement.

But if you tell me you went to college and leave it at that, but I later find out you're smarter than the guys on Big Bang Theory, I'm cool with that. Or you tell me you work in a restaurant, but you really own a local chain of restaurants. Or you work with contractors, but you're an architect designing half the growing skylines in the south I can work with you. Omitting some characteristics in the name of humility... Ain't nobody mad at that!

"Yeah, I broke up with him because I found out he was even more wonderful than he led me to believe. So I left him to be with the scrub who let me know he was a scrub upfront but if I stay with him ride or die, just as soon as these charges get dropped and he catches up on his child support we'll be on the come up in a few years..." said no one EVER!

I mean what are they expecting them to do at the reveal... Is someone gonna get mad enough to start singing the chorus of "Resentment" by Beyonce ? I know I wouldn't. I mean I'm not a gold digger but Dear Lord: please let me find out one of the boos in my black book is a secret prince and has been testing my loyalty and genuine friendship, I'd break out singing "It's Your Time" by Luther Barnes , remixed with Mary Mary's "Go Get It" !!! THANK YA SUH!!!

Perhaps one day my prince will come... but in the meantime I'll be tuned in Friday to watch the reaction of these lucky broads!!!

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