Tuesday, November 19, 2013

9 months of changes, and I wasn't even preggers!

Yikes... I knew it had been a while but 9 months is waaaay too long between post. I could've gotten married and had a baby and been a stepmom by now (all very realistic thoughts in retrospect) Why didn't someone ask me "What's going on?" Surely y'all didn't think the foolery that often surrounds me ceased... and trust me it didn't!!! As a matter of fact it went to a new level that I can't even totally tell you in a blog. It needs a book...

The past 9 months have been crazy!!! Let's see...
I've had 3 jobs.
I sold cars for 3 month and honestly the laughs were endless, but the hours were exhausting  I was too tired to do anything after those 14hr days, but trust me there are some stories in the archives that I will share.
One of those jobs moved me to Sanford, Florida for 5 weeks just in time for the Zimmerman/Martin civil unrest. A mannequin spray painted black in a neon hoodie was in the office, which the boss referred to as "Trayvon". Yes... you read that right. I knew it was gonna be a sketchy time.
I gained 20lbs in the short time I was in Florida. Food in a touristy area is delish!!!
I've dated 2 guys. Got VERY serious with the 2nd and discussed marriage/elopement while in Florida. 3 months after moving back to NC, the truth was revealed and let's just say "GOD BLOCK IT!!!" I'm can't be Dr. Phil.
In the course of my 7 month whirlwind romance, one of the highlights was my mailbox being ran over. (See previous statement and ask me later),
In a related story, I also discovered my ability to tutor remedial reading and writing in adults. :-/
Surprisingly, I've only been back to Atlanta once. This has made me very homesick for my second "home".
This summer I almost drowned at a water park in 3 feet of water cause my weave was very heavy when wet and weighed me down.
I'm an aunt again and the "kids" are my reason to keep going.
I've lost 14 of the 20lbs I gained in Florida.
I have gained a new skill of being able to tell the fragrance someone is wearing when they walk by.
With that being said, I'm still looking for full-time employment.
I haven't been to a movie in the last 6 months that didn't make me cry at some point. Even comedies and cartoons. (Yep, even Kevin Hart's "Let Me Explain" took me down in the last few minutes)
I had a birthday and as long as folks keep thinking I'm in my mid twenties, I'm gonna let them keep thinking it.
My grandma is still my boo!!!
I still have insomnia and I recently discovered you can get "addicted" to an herbal supplement.As a result, I had withdrawals from liquid melatonin that you get at Walmart.
I still experience the results of the "No Child Left Behind" generation at least once a week in stores. Like today when the cashier rang up my purchase and it showed $1 on the screen and she was going to do a price adjustment because it was supposed to be 50% off of $2. *smh*

Ok... this list is just the random thoughts that came to me once I realized I neglected my blog.  And looking at this list I can tell you what's most important is I'm still here by God's grace. Seriously, I almost let go! But even in my thinking of giving up, something crazy would happen and I'd decide to go on another day so I could tell someone about the craziness from the day before cause it would be so unbelievable.
This has been an interesting 9 months and I'm gonna try to do better with this blog.
Up, downs, smiles and frowns, even tears at times, but one thing's for sure... My life is STILL YOUR LAUGH!!!

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