Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Make that change...

Hear my heart on this one. I'm concerned about what they're teaching kids in school nowadays. Or should I say, what they're not teaching. Whatever happened to the alliterative basics... reading, writing and 'rithmetic? Composed in those core subjects are the tools for everyday life, not rocket science. Read on and you'll find out what prompted this. The following just happened to me and is all true:

I rarely eat meals at McDonald's (notice I said meals, like burgers & fries, because those ice cream cones, McFlurries, and McCafe Smoothies are something special and I will stop for one of those if the craving has a hold on me.Anywhoooo!), but I decided to stop by tonight for the grand opening of the new one on the corner by my house. It's kind of a big deal because 15years ago there was nothing in our neighbor hood , but a pizza place (that may be a cover for the mob) and 2 gas stations on the other side of the bridge.
I order my food in the drive through; the total on the screen was 4.05 which was also confirmed by a a nice young lady who asked me to pull around. Seeing that this is the first day this store was opened I figured my extra pickles might throw them for a loop so I was prepared to be patient.
I get to the window and once again was told my total was 4.05. Here's where it gets confusing...
I gave the young lady ( who appeared to be late teenage, definitely high schooler) a twenty dollar bill and a nickel.
I wasn't paying attention really but when she started counting coin change I thought it was odd. Maybe she ran out of ones.
She then said "15 dollars and 95 cents is your change."
I responded "But I gave you a twenty and a nickel"
She concurred by saying "Yes ma'am. And your change is 15 dollars and 95 cents"
I explained to her again that I gave her correct change and she still insisted very nicely my change was 15 dollars and 95 cents.
Finally I said in my kindest, elementary school teacher-esque voice. "No, sweetie. If my total was 4.05 and I gave you 20.05 then you should give me back 16 dollars."
To which she replied "Oh... really?" (like she was under the tree with Sir Isaac Newton) "I'll have to get a key"
By the time she got the key from the manager to put the change back in the drawer and give me the correct change, my food was sitting at the next window,of course, with my fries getting cold. But I didn't care. The golden, hot, delicious potatoes crisp from the oil don't compare to the satisfaction of such a teachable moment.

I couldn't look down on that young lady without extending a hand to help her up. Each one teach one. If I can help somebody as I pass along the way ( or the drive thru) then my living will not be in vain.
Wait... did this just take a Black History Month turn too? MESSAGE!

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