Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Grammy awards show... Why you mad tho?

Before I start this let me preface it with 2 statements:
I love Jesus!
I love music!
Got it? Good.

Every since I was a little girl, I've always loved watching the GRAMMY awards show. I had the joy of being a kid in the 80's when MJ was moonwalking with Emmanuel Lewis and Brook Shieldds as his dates (wait...retroactive redflag waving), Cyndi was a girl who just wanted to have fun, Madonna was much closer to being a virgin than she is now, Van Halen and White Snake were wearing big hair and animal print leggings, Andre Crouch and the Clark Sisters were "crossover" gospel artist who got a few minutes on the stage and yes, I'm old enough to remember when DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince were the first rappers to win the coveted award. I even got to stay up past my usual bedtime because they stayed on until 11pm. (I never had to beg or bargain. I think my parents just knew it would be better to let me stay up because I would be devastated if I missed one moment of Michael Jackson or any of his kin folks on the screen)
So let's fast forward to last night. The year 2014. The Staples Center in Los Angeles... host venue of the star studded GRAMMYs. Just like back in the day it opened up with an amazing performance by one of today's hottest acts, the most influential MARRIED (note the emphasis on that word and put a pin in it) couples in music, Beyoncé and JAY-Z. A few awards were given out, tributes were given, more amazing performances were given. Jay-Z wins an award, thanks God (but still gets some backlash cause folks don't listen to full statements in context), more awards, Beatles tribute and then almost at the end the usual cliché performance with a generic choir in robes comes but only as a follow up to a surprise modge-podge mass wedding of 33 couples of different races and sexual orientation being officiated by Queen Latifah and serenaded by Madonna. It was, all in all, a typical 21st century GRAMMY awards show celebrating the recording arts and the people who enjoy recordings of all genres.
So, ummm, I got a question... Why you mad tho? Social media was all abuzz last night on my timelines about how risqué Mr & Mrs. Carter (yep, they're married) were on stage because it was 8pm and your kids were still up. (And I bet a lot of those same kids know all the words to Drunk In Love cause they certainly know all of Bey's other songs.) Beyoncé Knowles Carter was in a relationship with her now husband for many years and we've never seen her be overly sexual with him on stage (that I can recall, and I saw them live at an awards show. Yep, I was there!) prior to them getting married. She's even stated how she's been inspired artistically by her marriage and the love that created her beautiful child. It's none of my business what they did when they were going together, but she didn't show up on a red carpet with a baby bump as Jay-Z's fiancé or girlfriend, she was Mrs. Carter! And last night she could've pulled a Robin Thick and Miley Cyrus move, but she was all over her husband who lives with her and their child. She's been an entertainer more than half her life and they still got bills to pay. Sounds like the American dream to me. So if you heard the music and saw the smoke and a scantily clad woman, but didn't change the channel...ummm. Yeah, have a seat in that same chair she was dancing on!
Then my timeline was mad at the end of the show because of the same-sex marriages within the mass wedding ceremony. Ok, I get it. Everyone doesn't like gay people and doesn't think they should be married. That's your opinion, you're entitled to it. (Right or wrong, I haven't expressed mine either way cause that's not what this is about right now). It's the GRAMMYs. It celebrates music and people and how music brings ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE TOGETHER! It wasn't on TBN or the WORD network. Supporting ethics, morals, popular opinion, or salvation isn't the job of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Scientists. And if my memory serves me correct, when church people had their chance to shine at the GRAMMY primetime show, y'all got mad cause Dr. Mattie Moss Clark and The Clark Sisters tried to bring church into that auditorium full of "secular" artist. If folks had just let well enough alone and not been so deep all those years ago, Tye Tribbett would've had Taylor Swift shouting all over that place to "He Turned It" (and you know I'm right cause Taylor dances to everybody!!!) instead of the controversial nuptials. All we do is criticize and then get upset when it gets taken away. Have all the seats in Lakewood, please!
My issue is why are we always trying to find something to be mad about and last night just proved how oxymoronic (look closely at the root word) we are in our thoughts. I can think of a lot of celebrity couples who aren't setting an example like the Carters as far as moral code goes (I mean there's another non-married couple who will remain nameless but they're shacking up with their baby in the grandma's house. Y'all know y'all can rent something. Just saying.) and if you don't like what you see during the awards show artistically, morally, wardrobe choice, stage setting, lighting...whatever, then don't watch and don't support the music. But if you are going to watch from beginning to end, don't blame the Academy. They give out awards for quality music and recordings (even books on tape). Our job as good Christian folks is to spread the Gospel and love of Christ, be fruits of the spirit and such. Uhhh, yeah, when's the last time you did that instead of dissing a good celebrity married couple or a same-sex couple on stage or a hip-hop artist in a weird hat or musicians in robot costumes?
Now I'm not saying Christian folks shouldn't feel compelled when they see things out of sorts I'm saying make sure you're in an uproar over the right thing. So flip over your WWJD bracelet and get this engraved on the other side: WYMT (Why you mad, tho?)
I'm not that deep. I'm still saved. One day during my life's journey, I'm going to the GRAMMYs, gonna have a good time and still be on my way to heaven and certainly enjoying the trip!

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