Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bloods vs. Floors: It just got real!

I'm actually blogging about a situation in real time. The situation is still in progress...
This is what happens when you ask me to house sit while new carpet is being installed:
1.Furniture is moved
2.Old carpet and padding is removed and place in the yard to be discarded.
3.New padding is laid, trimmed and stapled
4.New carpet is laid, ready to be trimmed
(here's where the order get's skewed)
5. The very sharp razor blade, used to trim the carpet, falls out of the man's pocket and slices his ankle/foot (There are now blood drippings on the new light gray carpet, next to the razor blade left in the middle of the floor)
6. The man stands shoe less on the front porch in a small pool of his own blood as it gushes from his foot
7. He calls someone from Fayetteville (an hour away) to finish the job
8. I hand him his shoes
9. He hobbles down the steps, gets his his van and leaves. All his tools are still in the floor and on the porch.
10. I stand there with a blank stare for a minute before I call the homeowner who isn't at all surprised that this happened because it's a textbook case of  Nilly B! shenanigans.

10.5- As I'm typing this a great downpour of rain has come and is soaking the old carpet in the yard, the tools on the porch and power washing the blood stained porch.


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