Monday, January 23, 2012

Off the market: A voluntary recall

It's that time of year again... the stores are full of red, white and pink bears, florist are getting the head start on ordering wholesale roses, and the "Every kiss begins with K..." jingle is on TV so much it's stuck in your head.... yep... Valentine's Day is quickly approaching in a few weeks. Not to mention this is a Leap Year where it's socially acceptable for ladies to propose to guys on the 29th of February. Interesting fact, right??? Read on...
Anyone who really knows me, knows that in spite of all the relationship up and downs, round and rounds (and any other confusion that would give you motion sickness) I am a HOPELESS romantic. I love love and as Christian I fully realize there is no greater love than the love God had when he sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to save us, but I also recognize that Adam and God were the only people in the garden and Adam said he was lonely so God made Eve (stop me when I'm not in THE BOOK!!!). God only revealed Eve to Adam after He formed her and prepared her for him.
Like most (not all but most) women my age who are single, I would like to get married one day, and up until recently I (like most women) had some basic qualities that I would like for a man to have before I even consider dating him seriously and/or exclusively. I mean the basics... Job, car, his own place. And I'm not saying you have to take me to Chop House or Lobster Bar (cause I'm not picky), but I don't care where we go, I'm not picking you up and certainly not from your mama's house!!!Then it hit me... "Ummm ma'am right now you don't have but one of those things yourself!!!" I mean honestly, if a man approached me and he was in my circumstances I wouldn't totally dismiss him, but I would be praying for God to lift us both up with a quick work!!!  Now don't get me wrong y'all know one of my lines is the from the classic Walter Hawkins song "The economy's down people can't get enough pay" so I understand it's hard out here for a pimp, but this caused a poignant, mature, moment of introspection concerning my "single and looking" status...thus the inspiration for the title of this blog. Go with me....
When people are single they are said to be "on the market" which would suggest we have something to offer others who are looking. I thought of this metaphorically... what do I have to offer? Just like a company who's product is on store shelves, when they want to re-brand or change the packaging or something may still work and be ok to the consumer,but  they realize there is something that could be improved they impose a voluntary recall.  That's right... I've decided to take myself off the market for a while.
I mean don't get me wrong, I still consider myself a nice catch, but as far as the basics are concerned I need to regroup, focus on me, and getting myself back together. This, for me, seems like the right thing to do. I mean think about it, don't you appreciate a company more when they voluntarily tell the stores and consumers "Hey... the stitching on these jeans is a little off, so we're gonna take them back to the manufacturer so they can be sold at Marshall's (or in extreme cases one of those warehouse sales in convention center ballrooms). Nothing's wrong with them, but we want to present you with a best quality product" rather than you buying the jeans and wearing them only for the pocket stitching to start unraveling. :-/
I'd rather use this time of transition to allow God to prepare me and work on me in every area of my life so when I'm back on the market I'll be one of the best there is to offer, and not get involved in something that looks ok at first then eventually falls apart.
I won't be a Big Lots bride... upgrade me JESUS!


  1. Girl, God may send a brotha that may rock your world and help you get where you want or need to be. I agree and disagree. Don't put God in a box. But I understand where you are coming from.

    1. Oh please believe I'm open to a person helping me re-brand and re-market. I just don't want anyone to be fooled by the package, cause right now I certainly don't look like what I've been through. :-)

  2. Excellent, a lot of times we just look at the men but we do need to evaluate ourselves. Looking at myself now! Thank you Jesus for this insightful blog!

  3. I so agree w/ you. You can't require something of someone when you can't bring the same thing to the table. Gotta start w/ the man in thsmirror 1st. God knows the desires of your heart & will provide as long as you take the 1st step.

  4. While I'm not a single woman, as a single man I totally get this and appreciate it. Nilly you got something here....I may have to preach this and site my sources in the transcript!!..LOL!