Friday, January 6, 2012

What a difference 2 months makes....

Happy New Year!!! Thanks for stopping by. My first post will be short and sweet just to give you a taste of my story telling style
I can't believe all that has transpired over the last 2 months! Durn! If someone had told me when I was ringing in my 35th birthday on a Saturday night into Sunday morning  November 6th, 2011 that on January 6, 2012 I'd be unemployed and serving as my grandma's bootleg caregiver in her home while she recovers from a mild stroke that happened as I was leaving her house 2 days after Christmas, I wouldn't have believed them even if they were standing on a mountain top, holding two stone tablets in front of a burning bush, Nah... that's ridiculous, absolutely ludicrous. But it happened... and there hasn't been a dull moment since! Stay tuned... I'm just getting started.

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  1. It's the beginning of great things to come! Who knows you may become the next Sherri Shepherd! Miss you Gal!